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Satya in India[fb_button]Our teachers Satya and Sahaj are on a pilgrimage to India. Here’s a personal message from them to you. And it goes along with a very special personal offer…

South India“We are here In South India. There is a holy mountain called Arunachala. The Mountain of Light also called the Lingam of Fire. Lingam is a word that symbolizes Shiva or Pure Consciousness. Arunachala is the mountain where all Vasanas (karmic tendencies) are burned up in the fire of consciousness. By just being here is like you are being cooked in the brilliant luminosity that radiates from the the mountain and the samadhi of Sri Ramana Maharishi. Ramana was a contemporary awakened sage whose presence remains as tangible and real even years after his death. We come here on a personal retreat to deepen and strengthen our practice and clarity so that we can come back and teach with renewed insight and wisdom. Words can’t describe the energy of this place, maybe the closest you can come to describing the feeling is as if you are bathed in a light that Sahaj in Indiailluminates all the dark places within and brings them out into the open light to be purified. This is the place of Shiva, the destroyer, it is looking at death in the face and seeing what is beyond our mortal body. We have been coming to this place as often as we can to clarify the truth of our existence; we are never born and will never die, we are the immortal consciousness itself, totally free of conditioning and completely awake. Join us in our retreats this year at Kura Kura and awaken your fire of awareness. Om Namaste, Shanti OM”

The first time Satya and Sahaj can meet you again with fully reloaded energy and wisdom will be after The Bali Spirit Festival. At Kura Kura Yoga Retreat we will host two special retreats named ‘Stepping into the Sacred Fire of Yoga’. You can choose between a 3-days retreat or a 6-Kura Kura logo firedays retreat.

Especially for our readers and followers we offer a discount of 10% when booking before March 15. When you come with a friend we even offer you a 15% discount.

Join Satya and Sahaj after their journey to South India. Join them into The Sacred Fire of Yoga. It will be journey you’ll never forget.