We invite you to our special December retreats by Katiza Satya and Sahaj supported by Simone’s Kitchen.


December 22 to 28

“Offering Retreat” ending the year

Supported by Simone Parris “Wisdom food”


The end of a year is often a time to reflect and to unburden us from old patterns. This retreat is to open up the small dark box of habitual life to the bright sun of abundant possibilities. To offer something, we create space to new things to come in. The greatest secret to real offering is to feel infinite gratitude and the fullness and blessings of life’s magic.

This is a special retreat with the “Wisdom food” of Simone Parris. She will share her knowledge and love for food. Her objective is to create delicious meals that bring awareness as they nourish body, mind and soul.


December 29 till January 4

“New life retreat” coming into a new year.

Supported by Simone Parris “Prana Food”


This is an invitation to give you a new start. In this retreat we will focus on finding a new doorway to walk through and go into a new life of creativity, deep connection and healing. The practice of yoga is a way to continually open our energy so that life never becomes stuck, lifeless or meaningless. Our New life is always available every moment to recreate fresh meaningful and inspiring ways of being. Take time for new light and space in our body heart and mind

We have the honor of having Simone Parris supporting our journey with “Pranic Food” and share her thoughts and knowledge about food and health.

Her cooking will nourish and support your body, mind and soul.

As in all Kura Kura retreats we will work closely with healers of the Island and make some pilgrimage to temples and holy places, and find silence within.


Costs per retreat:

€ 1.130 (shared room)

€ 1.475 (single room)

This includes: 

10% local tax and services • Airport pickup from Den Pasar • Accommodation, food and beverages • All yoga sessions • One healing session • Visit to temples and holy places


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These retreats are limited to 12 persons. Please visit our reservation page to check for free rooms. Need help? Send us a mail and we will respond immediately.