Centered On Wild Retreat

with Cher Joy and Mona Moon

September 28 - October 4, 2017

Shamanic Ceremony, Soulful Yoga, and Passionate Self-Exploration.

Reignite your soul’s inner fire with a transformative retreat blending yoga and ancient shamanic traditions. During this reflective and joyful journey we co-create a sacred environment to awaken passion, truth, and inspiration from within.

Centered on Wild at Kura Kura Yoga Retreat, an intimate yoga resort on the shore of Bali in a tropical paradise untouched by major tourism. Being at Kura Kura means living close to nature with the rhythms of the sea and the music of birds singing in the coconut trees…hear the gamelan and mantras of the temple ceremonies near by. Indulge in daily yoga, sacred ceremony, meditation, and shamanic exploration of your inner light with Cher Joy and Mona Moon.

Awaken and Remember the Wild You. The alchemy of activities stemming from yogic and shamanic traditions is designed to reconnect you with your soul’s purpose so that you can return to your divine essence. As you join your newfound tribe in experiencing a cacao ceremony, medicinal plant bath, tribal yoga, and sacred chanting you will find yourself naturally releasing that which no longer serves your soul’s highest good to create space for more love and clarity. This experience will take you on a passionate journey through the medicine wheel from the ground up cultivating the tools, inspiration, and inner guidance to live a heart-centered life of purpose and joy! As you reignite your soul’s truth you will have the opportunity to indulge in Kura Kura’s lush and secluded oasis. Kura Kura means ‘turtle’; an ancient symbol of the spiritual ground of the universe; The support for all that exists, where the sun rises and shines within you.

  • 1-2 Daily Yoga Classes including Buti Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga
  • Cacao Ceremony & Despacho Ceremony
  • Medicinal Plant Bath
  • Medicine Wheel Philosophy
  • 1 Private Shamanic Healing Session with Mona Moon
  • The beach at your doorstep and a warm, attentive team dedicated to looking after your every need
  • Vegetarian Balinese/Indonesian meals

Bring a Buddy for $150 off EACH!


Cher Joy
A life full of wild adventures and many injuries lead Cher to the physical practice of Yoga in 2007. After many doctors and healers and therapists tried to “fix” her spine, knees, and shoulders… the practice of yoga quickly became a self-healing path which lead her to an intimate connection with her body, allowing freedom from physical pain, and opened her mind to understand the interconnectedness of everything and the ever-present bliss inside. After her first year of private one-to-one classes on Maui with Ted Surman, student of Desikichar, she was moved to dedicate her life to continuous study and sharing of this…
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Mona Moon
Mona Moon is a shamanic healing practitioner, yoga teacher, and ritual goddess specializing in ceremony. Her introduction to shamanism began while conducting research in the Peruvian Amazon for Stanford University. She fell in love with jungle life and became entranced by the ancient stories carried by the muddy river waters. After spending several years learning from the land and elders from the Peruvian jungle to Venezuela’s Caribbean islands, she returning to the United States and began studying Peruvian Shamanism at the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts in CT. She completed her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with the Kula Collective in Guatemala and enjoys blending her background in shamanism with yogic traditions. She currently nourishes a large tribe of yogis in Connecticut through yoga classes, cultivating community, and facilitating cacao ceremonies with the Sacred Cacao Collective. Her passion is to encourage others to TAP INTO THE LOVE through personal healing work, trans formative experiences, and nurturing connection.
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