• $700.00 – Program Price - Full Board - Double Room
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Human Design & The Reconnection® Retreat

with Frauke Schroth

August 18 - 21, 2017

Bali, the island of vibration and transformation

For centuries, Bali has been known as the spiritual island of the Southern Pacific. It has been attracting millions of people from all around the world. Visiting Bali can be literally life changing. As Reconnection® Certified Practitioners, we feel blessed and honoured to be here to serve those who truly want to make their trip a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

The Reconnection®

A profound two day process in which we energeticially reconnect more than 200 different lines and points of the body with the universal Axiotonal Line System and the Leylines of Mother Earth. This human ‘software upgrade’ often leads to spectacular life changes and reconnects you to your original life purpose.

Human Design 

The Human Design System gives you an accurate description of who you truly are. Based on your birth specifics, Human Design reveals all your hidden qualities and shows you how to navigate through life fluently and without any resistance. The knowledge you will gain leads you to a better understanding not only of yourself but also of your partner, other family members and even of your business partners.

Light Language 

A couple of years ago Brigitte was given the gift to communicate through Light Language. She has the ability to channel ancient wisdom from different civilisations and dimensions. In the interaction with these ‘Words and Sounds of Light’ the human body resonates and creates healing and transformation. 


That is included

  • 3 nights accommodation at Kura Kura Yoga Retreat + vegetarian meals, drinks, & snacks
  • 1 personal HDS reading
  • recieving your Reconnection®
  • 2 Yoga sessions
  • 1 sound healing session
  • 1 solistice activity

When August 18th – 21st 2017
Costs $700 per person

***LIMITED to 4 People***

Please register: [email protected]


Frauke Schroth
Frauke is a multiple trained Yoga and Meditation Teacher since 2009. She’s been training Yoga Teachers since 2016, living and working in Bali and Berlin. Frauke is known for her open, positive being and inspiring way of teaching Yoga. She combines the physical aspects of Yoga with the mystical, making it easy to understand and accessible for every level. Her honesty and empathy, along with her passion for activism, lead her to be an ambassador for both Off the Mat and Into the World and Love for Life Project. In her classes she integrates dynamic and static sequences, precise as well…
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