Yoga Retreat in Bali

with Akhilesh Bodhi

November 5 - 11, 2017

Akhilesh has a trained as Sivananda and Iyengar Yoga System But Now he has his own style of teaching accord to the need of the day.during the class but we can see his style of teaching has lots of influence of Iyengar system,  His focus is on  alignment  as well he bring meditativeness in his teaching which help the deepen the practice in the mean time bring deep calmness. he is Unique in his way. 

Our luxurious one week Yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia is designed to bring in inner transformation with the healing as prime objective. The retreat content is carefully designed to incorporate essential contents like

* Chakra Awakening

* Pranic breath through development

* Centering through Classical Hatha Yoga

* Bio-Psychosomatic breath


Akhilesh Bodhi
Neo Yoga Center’s director Akhilesh Bodhi Journey of Akhilesh from Known to Unknown.  As child he has grown in a combined family. He and his brother had to work hard in his family business. As soon as he finished his school, he had to rush to work in his Family restaurant. By mistake if he was late he would get the stick on his butt. He completed his studies from Lucknow University. While his studies, he was motivated with politics, during his studies he was very much active in University as well as in local politics. He contested also a Local election, But…
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