Our Vision

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Yoga is based on finding a connection to nature, one’s own essential nature and the beauty of our natural environment.

Kura Kura is that little piece of heaven, an oasis in hectic modern times, a place to feel the true spirit and magic of Bali. It’s a special place where you can submit yourself to the simplicity and greatness of ‘just being’.

Our goal is to provide a beautiful and peaceful setting and to create a supportive environment where you can truly rejuvenate. We invite you to just breath, relax and enjoy the wonders of the present moment.

Join one of the retreats or bring your own students and host a retreat at Kura Kura. If you like to come with a group of friends or want to integrate principles of yoga into business management, we can tailor made retreats to your needs. You can contact us and we happy to share our knowledge.

The translation for the Sanskrit word Yoga means to join, to unite, to connect. We offer you a place and the opportunity to experience yoga, to join with daily Balinese life, to connect to the abundant nature and let your heart be touched.

Yoga is more than a practice on your mat. It is a way of life.