Vedanta Philisophy


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Discount LYR July

LYR August 26

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High on Health

High on Health Retreat

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Join our living yoga retreats

Join our Living yoga retreats

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Special announcement March 22-28

Join our Living yoga retreats


Kura Kura warmly welcomes Steve Hall & Geri Jones as the regular teachers of the recurring Kura Kura Living Yoga Retreats. Next to their extended knowledge & skills as yoga instructors, they bring joy, lightness and loving kindness with their presence.

A Kura Kura Living Yoga Retreat is about leaving behind obsolete patterns, and …

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Connecting to the elements


Explore the elements inside as well as outside yourself.


Join us from november 30 till december 6
Teacher: Hoyte de Ranitz

Give yourself time for nourishing your body, mind & heart, to flow in the moment and discover the spiritual Balinese culture and abundant nature.                                   

During this retreat we will

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Join us for our August & September Living Yoga retreat

Kura Kura teachings

Do you need a break?

Join us from august 17 – 23 or from september 7 – 13
Teachers: Steve Hall & Geri Jones

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive experience of yoga. The focus will be to connect with yourself as well as connecting with the Balinese spiritual way of life. The retreat will have

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Be your own teacher at Kura Kura

Kura Kura Shelf

Be your own teacher before the next guided yoga retreat starts.

From 1 July till 15 August Kura Kura offers you a place and the opportunity to design your own retreat in any way that suits you.

Our goal is to provide a beautiful and peaceful setting and a supportive environment where you can truly …

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Enjoy our May or June Yoga for Life retreats

Katiza Satya & Sahaj

Katiza Satya and Sahaj follow the pattern based on the “Maha Bhuta” the great elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each day you are presented techniques and methods of yoga that are in harmony with these elements. It is an intensive experience designed to shift old patterns. The play with the elements is …

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“What you think you become.”

Yoga buddha retreat blog













april 27 – may 3

Experience our Yogic Body, Buddha Mind Retreat

Celebrate Spring and experience our Yogic Body and Buddha Mind. What we think creates how we feel in our body. Our body is a reflection of our mind. In this

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Give yourself a time out

836507_95189494april 19 – 25 / may 17 – 19

Give yourself a time out during our residential periods

Join us for an unforgettable time-out in Bali, a place where heaven and earth meet. Enjoy the daily yoga practice and play with the great elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each day you are

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A Yin & Mindfulness weekend retreat.

_MG_2698 kopie
March 1 – 4

‘Moving into Stillness’ by Annemieke van Noort

Allow yourself to slow down from the every day buzz and become still in this Yin-Yoga and Meditation retreat where we will focus on becoming more aware of the different layers of our being; the physical, energetic, emotional and mental body.

The yoga and …

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Teach teachers teachers teach teachers

Satya in IndiaOur teachers Satya and Sahaj are on a pilgrimage to India. Here’s a personal message from them to you. And it goes along with a very special personal offer…

South India“We are here In South India. There is a holy mountain called Arunachala. The Mountain of Light also called the Lingam of Fire. Lingam is a

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Moving into stillness – a yin yoga & mindfulness meditation retreat by Annemieke van Noort

February 23 – march 1

What happens when you sit still? In this retreat you experience the deep connection of body & mind by enjoying ‘nothingness’.

Allow yourself to slow down from the every day buzz and become still in this Yin-Yoga and Meditation retreat where we will focus on becoming more aware of the

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We invite you to our Bali Yin&Yang Yoga Immersion with Egon Castlunger.


February 10 to 16, 2013

A week of Yin&Yang Yoga, music, breath and stillness at the island of the Gods

Take a journey into the essence of the yoga practices. The immersion will lead you through yin and yang asana practices, pranayama (breathing) and meditation. The heart and soul will be touched by the

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Kura Kura in Yoga Magazine


Some time ago we were visited by the people of Yoga Magazine. It’s in Dutch, but we’re sure you’ll understand the message;-) To read the complete article, please click on the picture above or just click here.

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Message from Anand Nigam.

Last week we received a nice contribution from Anand Nigam. Although you might have read it already, we would like to give the message from Anand a special place…




“If you are thinking of visiting KURA KURA RETREAT you must go! Sahaj and Satya Katiza are very special teachers, rare teachers who …

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Galungan. A major Balinese feast commemorating victory of good over evil.















This is a nice article by Michael Aquino, from South East Asia Travel. For your convenience we publish it integral.

Galungan is the most important feast for Balinese Hindus, a celebration to honor the creator of the universe (Ida …

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Last week we received some nice reviews in our mailbox from Anouk en Iris. One of the reviews is in Dutch, but with some Google Translate you’ll be able to read it;-)


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We invite you to our special December retreats by Katiza Satya and Sahaj supported by Simone’s Kitchen.


December 22 to 28

“Offering Retreat” ending the year

Supported by Simone Parris “Wisdom food”


The end of a year is often a time to reflect and to unburden us from old patterns. This retreat is to open up the small dark box of habitual life to the bright sun of abundant possibilities. …

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On June 25th Kura Kura had it’s first Mecaru ceremony!

We welcome you to stay with us.

Balinese Hinduism is based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the belief that there should be a balanced relationships between man and God, man and all other people, and man and nature.

Mecaru is a ceremony intended to deal with the balance between man and nature. It is the act of giving offering that …

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