Join us for our August & September Living Yoga retreat

Kura Kura teachings

Do you need a break?

Join us from august 17 – 23 or from september 7 – 13
Teachers: Steve Hall & Geri Jones

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive experience of yoga. The focus will be to connect with yourself as well as connecting with the Balinese spiritual way of life. The retreat will have a holistic approach. Not only integrating different tools of yoga e.g. asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation but also offering and purification rituals, massage and healing sessions. Next to this, there will be plenty of time to relax at the pool, read a book, make new friends or just watching the waves moving.

Release, Relate, Relax

So ….
Arrive, unpack your travel bags and stop thinking!
Drop into the timeless world of breath and feeling.
Leave behind some obsolete patterns, and open up to new boundless possibilities.
Extend your Yoga practice under careful experienced guidance from Steve & Geri.
Feel supported by the beautiful setting of Kura Kura and its caring family staff.

Join this retreat to connect with yourself as well as connecting with Balinese culture.

Steve and Geri coming from New Zealand and India are widely travelled, have studied and experienced many forms of Yoga and eventually settled to study and teach yoga in Bali. Their philosophy is very simple and in it’s simplicity there is the beauty.

Steve Hall

Geri Jones“Every person is different and requires individual attention and understanding. Specifically, YOUR attention and understanding. We as teachers/
guides/instructors are just part of the environ-
ment that facilitates that process. We are about making good, feel better. And feeling rather than imposing. Asana, breath awareness, meditation and a break from habitual routine will center you and bring you back to balance and focus.“