Be your own teacher at Kura Kura

Kura Kura Shelf

Be your own teacher before the next guided yoga retreat starts.

From 1 July till 15 August Kura Kura offers you a place and the opportunity to design your own retreat in any way that suits you.

Our goal is to provide a beautiful and peaceful setting and a supportive environment where you can truly rejuvenate. Kura Kura invites you to just breath, relax and enjoy the wonders of the present moment.

Kura Kura is a perfect location to join with the daily spiritual Balinese life, to connect to the abundant nature and to unite with who you are by relaxing, playing or learning.

The translation for the Sanskrit word Yoga means to join, to unite, to connect. Be your own teacher and practice by yourself or just spent a beautiful relaxing time with your loved ones.

Kura Kura has a special last minute.

Share an unforgettable time with your family or friends.  For € 390 (€ 65 per room) Kura Kura will be all yours (minimum stay 5 nights). Kura Kura accommodate a maximum of 12 persons, so spent 5 nights at Kura Kura for only € 162,50 per person. Our sweet staff members will be like your family and make you feel at home. 

For reservations or information please contact [email protected]