She started to work at Kura Kura as an adolescent and loves to learn. She is ‘the Boss’. Nothing is impossible to her, even in the midst of very difficult times her heart keeps shinning and always finds another possibility or solution. She loves doing the shopping and knows where to find anything. Whether she is in the kitchen or cleaning the house, you can see Kadek with 10 arms, dancing around with her full energy body.



He is our happy Buddha. You look at him and your mind drops. Your concerns are ridiculous in front of his tender and innocence shining heart and big smile. In silence he teaches us … ‘is all ok, do what you need to do’. His willingness to move any obstacle out of the way, leaves a glow of light for all. Made is our guardian, gardener, repair and fix-it man. It is a joy having him around moving with his strong body like a Ganesha-Hanuman fusion. He and Kadek are happily married and form the perfect couple.

ketut vierkant 72dpi


Our Kitchen Queen is sophisticated yet humble. She loves the magic of food and loves learning from the ingredients. ‘Everyday another creation’ is her motto. Her pleasant, elegant appearance is like a butterfly. At the same time she is grounded and precise, and as a master, she prepares the most divine meals. She teaches us how to cultivate calm, concentration and dedication and serve others with pride and humbleness at the same time.

raka 001

Gedeh Raka

He is our youngest kid on the block and loves to chat with you. He is our happy helper, always there to assist Kadek, Ketut and Made and ready to help you in any way he can. He likes to play chess and make jokes. With his open heart and youthfulness he is like the sun on a rainy day and teaches us that every day is a day of joy.

made raka 002

Made Raka

He is a true family member. He watches over you and Kura Kura while you are sleeping. You don’t have to be afraid of thieves (as Karma is a big thing for the Balinese people), but he is there just to check everything is safe & sound. So if you see a flashlight in the middle of the night it’s Ninja Made Raka.