26.riverhouseKura Kura Yoga Retreat Bali is situated along a small river, a few steps away from the sea. 28.bedroom2riverhouseIt was originally built as a family house and in a way it still is. The family house was our starting place to build.

The original rooms are old Java style houses and the new rooms are added in the same style. All rooms have an elegant simplicity with modern basic comforts that we are used to in the Western World. Each room is decorated with love and care.

The heart of Kura Kura is the yoga shala or community space next to the small pool. Feel free to dip in whenever you like. Most rooms are built around the pool. Rooms are clean and fresh as the sea breeze, but protected and safe as the shield of a Kura Kura (Turtle).

Each room is equipped with an ensuite bathroom with shower (warm/cold water) and Western toilet, comfortable beds covered with fine mosquito nets, a fan and veranda. Each room can be set up with two single or one double bed.

Being at Kura Kura means living close to nature with the rhythms of the sea and the music of birds singing in the coconut trees. You can hear the gamelan and mantras of the temple ceremonies near by.

Coming at Kura Kura means moving away from the pressure of modern distractions.

After leaving Kura Kura you have, like our guests say: "an unforgettable experience to take with you for the rest of your life."

14.poolviewKura Kura is an intimate place to relax, enjoy, share or learn. Great for hosting your own meditation or yoga retreat or experiencing yoga during one of our own retreats.

When traveling alone you can meet people and feel at home. Remember, most of our guest are singles. There's no need to feel lonely, except as you want to be alone of course.